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Would you sell on this site?

If you are an artist, craftsperson, author, photographer, woodworker, sculptor, painter, clothier, etc.,
and hand-make one or more products, why not sell them on eArtistFair?

Here's how it works:

• Create a seller account (just sign up with name, address, email, etc.)

• Configure your seller settings (enter Paypal email address, tax rate, etc.)

• Add products (enter product information, price, shipping costs, upload photos)

• Sell!

Seller FAQs

Q. How do I become a seller on eArtistFair.com?
A. Just sign up and start adding your products! The only requirement is that the products you sell fit into the theme of an arts and crafts fair, which covers a pretty broad spectrum.

Q. How many products can I sell?
A. As many as you want, currently, there is no limit.

Q. I don't want to sell online, can I just promote my products on your site?
A. Yes. You can sign up for a seller's account, and add your products, just mark them as 'not for sale'.

Q. All of my products are unique, I only have one of each of them. How does that work?
A. For items that are unique or one-of-a-kind, simply add the product to your store and set the stock quantity to 1. When the item sells, it will be marked 'out of stock'. If you make another item that is similar, you can just upload a new photo for it, and change your stock count back to 1 to sell that item.

Q. How do I get paid when I sell an item?
A. All purchase transactions occur dirrectly between the Buyer and the Seller using PayPal. In order to get paid, you must have a PayPal account. PayPal does charge a small fee on each transaction.

Q. Does eArtistFair charge any monthly membership fees or listing fees?
A. NO. There are no monthly membership fees. You can list your items on eArtistFair.com for as long as you wish without paying any listing fees or monthly dues. A small transaction fee will be charged by PayPal when the items sells. (see below). You can re-list the item as often as you want.

Q. What are the transaction fees?
A. The secure on-line payments are done using PayPal. For each transaction (sale), PayPal charges a $.30 transaction fee, and 2.9% of the order total. If your item sells for $100, aproximately $3.20 will be retained by the payment processor.

Q. Does eArtistFair charge a transaction fee?
A. For a limited time, members that join eArtistFair will NEVER be charged any additional fees (beyond the PayPal fees mentioned above). If an when eArtistFair does begin charging per-transaction fees, all current sellers at that time will be grandfathered in with the same policies as when they signed up, i.e. no eArtistFair transaction fees.

Q. What if I need help?
A. If you need any help setting up your store, or have any questions/issues, just contact us and we will be glad to help.

Q. What will the web address (URL) be of my eArtistFair store?
A. When you sign up for your sellers account, you specify what the name of your store is, and the web address (URL) will be based upon that name. For example, if you store name is "Dave's Custom Woodworks", then the web address of your store will be www.eartistfair.com/daves-custom-woodworks/.

Q. What about return policies, etc.?
A. Your return policy, shipping methods, etc. are all defined by you when you set up your store.

Q. What if I am out of town and not able to handle sales for a period of time?
A. Simply turn off your shop, when you are away, and then turn it back on when you return.

Q. What if there is a dispute between Buyer and Seller?
A. All sales, transactions, returns, support and disputes, etc. are handled directly between the Buyer and the Seller. Please read the terms of service when you sign up for an account.

Q. What kind of sales volumne can I expect?
A. eArtistFair is a relatively new website, and is still being established, so its best to have a realistic expectation of slow growth over time.