21.12ct Smokey Citrine crystal spiral pendant in sterling silver
21ct genuine smokey Citrine crystal spiral pendant

Price: $85.00

Quantity: 1 (only one available)

Floral Rainbow and peach Moonstone necklace
Genuine Rainbow and peach Moonstone floral necklace

Price: $95.00

Quantity: 1 (only one available)

Rainbow gemstone lariat necklace
Genuine gemstone lariat necklace in sterling silver

Price: $185.00

Quantity: 1 (only one available)

Von Wolfe Designs


I combine old and new pieces to create something beautiful out of discarded items.
I use sterling silver, silver plated, gold filled, gold plated, gold over sterling silver and stainless steel.
Gems are as listed, if it says genuine diamond, it is a natural diamond, lab stones are man grown, cz is basically glass.
I like the unusual and tend to place unusual stones in odd places!

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